Whats Gonna Happen to my Tooth, I Have a Lateral Incisor Directly Behind my Central Incisor on Top Left Side of Mouth? (photo)

When I was a kid I had silver teeth on the front top part of my mouth. I fell out of a bunk bed and knocked all of them out. My teeth were decaying and fell out soon after. But my lateral incisor on the top left side wouldn't come out so I had to have it pulled. My canine tooth moved over into it's former place and the adult later incisor had No where to go and grew in on the roof of my mouth, right behind where it should have gone. My top teeth are really crowded and I have to get braces. Help?

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Treament Options

Hi Renji. There are two ways to approach this problem. You can have the tooth extracted, or you can take another route, which takes time and money, and do it correctly and expand the arches, which will align the tooth without an extraction. See a couple of doctors and get opinions and prices before you make a decision. It is a big one! Good luck!

Move it or pull it

Ideally, time is taken to expand your arches and make room to put the lateral in proper alignment.  If you don't allow the long treatment time, then removing the tooth is the only other option.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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