Will going braless change the actual shape and size of the implant? Or just help them drop?

I just saw my surgeon today 3 weeks post op and he said I'm still high so he prefers I go braless (even not to wear my post op no padded no wire bra) as much as I can and when I sleep too, this is fine with me anything to speed up the dropping process but I just want to make sure braless will NOT change anything about my implants itself! Please leave answers thank you! 425l 475r silicone under

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Going braless after surgery

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Your implants will drop faster but there's a risk of displacement. That's why I tell my patients to wear a bra, and just wear a bandeau to help dropping. But, listen to your surgeon because they know the details of your surgery.

Going bra-less

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It sounds like your surgeon has a good point and he or she certainly has your best intentions in mind. Follow their advice!

Post op bra

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There is no on size fits all answer to undergarments after a breast augmentation. Some people need the support of a bra to help the lower portion of the breast, some people need a strap across the top to help "push" down the implants. I would recommend folowign your surgeons advise. You will not have any issue with the implants from mot wearing a bra.

Gordon Lewis, MD
Midlothian Plastic Surgeon
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