Can a gum disease caused by dental crowns spread?

My gums are red around my dental crowns. Firstly, the problem was only around the crowns, but now my inferior gums are also red and my teeth look longer. Can a gum disease caused by a problem with the crowns spread to the lower gum? I am really concerned and my dentist appointment is only next month. Thank you

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Gum disease and dental crowns

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Red gums around an existing crown can be caused by the fit of the crown or by gum disease. It is difficult to give you an accurate answer with the limited information you have provided. I would recommend seeing your dentist to determine the cause of your red gums. I hope this helps.  Click "save" under my name in order to ask me additional questions in the future.

Dental crowns

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Gum redness around some crowns may be caused by deep placement of the crown edge under the gum. This is not infection, but just inflammation and swelling. It will not spread to other areas of the mouth. If you have redness and gum shrinkage in other areas of the mouth, this may be due to gum disease. 

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