How soon can you have Botox and filler after a face and neck lift? (Photo)

What is a best wait time for botox and filler after a face and Neck lift, also if you are going to have treatments for wrinkles like a hot dot laser would it be better to have the eye area and above the mouth done whilst you are off work healing with the facelift etc??? or is there something that would not have the down time>>>

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When can I do fillers and Botox after a facelift?

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Hi 6205, I frequently do fillers at the same time I do a facelift. I find that the combination of lifting the soft tissue and re-establishing proper volume creates a very nice result. Since you have just had surgery, I would wait four to six weeks before having any procedures done in order to allow the swelling to resolve. I would make sure to comply with your surgeon's recommendations before doing anything.

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Let Your Body Tell You

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Thank you for your question. While other surgeons who have answered here are correct to say that it's possible to have BOTOX in conjunction with the procedures you have already undergone, I would suggest paying close attention to the swelling. Wait until it has subsided completely before considering further treatment. You may end up completely happy with the results of your existing procedures, and having injections performed while you are in the middle of healing may compromise your surgeon's ability to see how your body is adjusting. Same goes for the laser treatments your mentioned. Also, keep in mind that if your concern is additional downtime, many patients who have a BOTOX or filler treatment resume their daily activities immediately after coming in. I hope this is helpful.

Susan M. Stuart, MD
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How soon can you have Botox and filler after a face and neck lift?

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Thank you for your question. I would consult with your board certified plastic surgeon as every surgeon has their own protocols. 


When to have botox and filler after neck or face lift

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I would advise waiting at least 1 month or until all swelling/bruising has settled down before doing botox or fillers.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Face Lift and Botox

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It is best to wait until the majority of swelling resolves. If you were doing Botox for the forehead though you could probably do this anytime as this area is minimally effected with a mini-lift type procedure. Fillers can be done during a facelift - or fat grafting. However, since your cheeks are swollen it is best to be patient. Good luck, Dr. M

Botox and facelift

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Invasive surgical procedures such as neck and face lift leave significant swelling that needs to go down before you have any other procedure such as Botox or fillers. also remember that your face is going to change so the evaluation for the non-invasive procedures will be different after the facelift

Botox and Fillers after Facelift NYC

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I have many patients who have Botox after the facelift but I would wait until all of the swelling is resolved for the fillers.  Please consult an expert for the best cosmetic results. Best, Dr. Green

Same time

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It's common to have everything you mentioned done at the time of surgery if the areas of treatment don't overlap. However now that you are swollen, it may be best to wait for swelling to regress so treatment end points can be easily seen. Ask your plastic surgeon about timing.

How soon can you have Botox and filler after a face and neck lift?

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Thank you for sharing your photograph and question.  Depending on the full details of your facelift procedure, I would allow yourself time to fully heal before entertaining filler placement or Botox into the areas affected/manipulated by the facelift.  Allowing your facelift swelling to resolve and your skin to soften will allow for more predictable results while minimizing possible complications.  

Botox and filler s post facelft

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For fillers i would wait until all of your swelling is resolved.  This can be 3 weeks to 3 months.  If the botox is placed in an area of surgical undermining 3 months.  It can be placed immediately if into an an area that has not be surgically disturbed.  Regards.

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