How much does Botox of Masseter usually cost?? (photos)

Ive researched results of this procedure and I think its amazing ! I was planning on buccal fat removal but I think botox of the masster is a better option. How much does this usually cost and how many times do I have to return to keep the results long lasting?

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Botox to the masseter

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I worked out the original recommended dosing and publicised it in 1999. We recommend 25U per side for the typical patient as an initial dose.

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How much does Botox of Masseter usually cost??

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  Hi, I use 40 - 50 units of Botox in the Masseter, repeated 2 - 3 times over the subsequent 8-12 months depending on the size of the muscle.  The cost will vary based on the number of units iused.  From the photos, your Masseter does not look enlarged, in fact your mandibular angle and chin are both weak.  Shrinking the Masseter will further weaken the mandibular angles and in my opinion will "not" provide an aesthetic, chiseled, handsome look to your face.  Yopu may want to consider a chin implant and filler to augment the mandibular angles.

Hope this helps.

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Botox for masseter

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It is not possible to tell you exactly what the cost will be as that varies form doctor to doctor and how much you really need. in my experience it lasts 9-12 months. Be sure you see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon and don't sacrifice good results for cheap results

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Botox and Masseter Injections NYC

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Injecting the masseter muscle can be a little tricky and you may need to come back twice as this is a very strong muscle. Typically it will require 50 units of Botox for the masseter muscle and more if you need follow-up injections.  Please consult an experienced dermatologist. Best, Dr. Green


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Thanks for the question.  

Cost of this procedure depends on many things.  On average I would say 25-30 Units per side depending on amount of hypertrophy of the muscle and if having TMJ like symptoms.  Cost of Botox can range from $7-15 a Unit depending on location, skill of injector etc.  I would say on average you are going to pay about $500-600 for a treatment.  Botox lasts about 3 months, but in my masseter patients i see it lasting more like 6 months.  So twice a year you might need to do.  Overtime you will likely require less Botox and less frequent.  

Good Luck

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Masseter injection with botulinum

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Xeomin or Botox injection to the angle of the jaw can be dramatic for appropriate patients.  Excision of BFPs is a worthwhile consideration (though it's surgery) to highlight the cheekbones and reduce cheek roundness. Discuss these options with a Bd Certified plastic surgeon to review your options.
The cost of the botulinum depends upon the amount used and in my Beverly Hiils office the charge for initial injection averages $450.  If more is required at a one month return visit it is usually done at cost.  

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Botox To Masseter Cost

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Hi Sammy. The cost of Botox to the masseter for jaw slimming will vary from person to person. In general, men require anywhere between 25-50 units per side to start depending on the size of the muscle. Cost will vary depending on your location and the injector and usually ranges between $10-15 per unit. The effects last about 3-4 months. Make sure you find an experienced injector as masseter injection requires skill and knowledge of the surrounding anatomy. Hope this helps answer your question.

Michael A. Zadeh, MD, FACS
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Masseter muscle reduction

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20-30 units each side at approximately 10-15 dollars a unit of Botox depending on where you live.

Dr H Karamanoukian

Cost of Botox for the masseter muscle

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Different providers use different amounts of Botox per side.  I frequently use 25 units, for a total of 50 units.  The cost then depends on what the charge is for Botox.  If it is $15/unit then the cost would be $750.  It is a relatively easy injection so it can be less than that and in some areas of the country more.  Generally the first year it is done three times and then frequently twice per year and sometimes less.
Good luck

Seth Kates, MD
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