Gaunt Face at 25 Years Old

I am 25 years old and from fluctuating a lot 10 pounds up and down I seem to have lost the fat in my face even though my body is at a healthy weight. My cheekbones give me a very gaunt look. Everyone thinks I am older than I am and I want to look my age (or younger!) and have soft feminine features. What can I do to restore volume to my face without looking like plastic?

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Please decide if you have an eating disorder and get treatment for that.

Fillers are very helpful.  These treatments are infinitely flexible.  WIth a talented  injector and a health budget, you can do almost anything.  In these photos, you are quite thin.  10 pounds down from this weight would be abnormal.  For this reason, it is important to decide if you have an eating disorder.  These conditions which are related to unhealthy body image can be lethal.  Psychological treatment is very important.

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Face volume

There are many volume enhancers available to help you. I would recommend you start with some of the hyaluronic acid fillers or radiesse and see how you like the effect before trying something more permanent like fat or sculptra.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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Gaunt face treatment in 25 yr. old.

NO SURGERY and NO FILLERS. You need to see a psychologist  to determine if you have an eating disorder. 

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You appear to be quit gaunt. Are you anorexic? Adding more weight may well solve your problem. If not I enhance cheeks with fillerd all the time.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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