My Chin is Off-center and I Have an Asymmetric Jaw As a Result,how Can I Get This Fixed?

I have become aware of the fact that my chin is skewed to the left and it seems to have dragged my jaw line and face along with it. I had retainers as a child and braces in middle school (I'm 20 years old now). It's been this way for quite some time. My teeth are perfectly aligned, but somehow, my jaws don't look that way. My bottom lip seems pulled to the left and doesn't match up with the top one and my smile seems slanted. I was wondering if this could be fixed dentally or by a minor surgery.

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Asymmetric chin - chin off center

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Your posted photos show that your chin center is to the left of your facial midline. I had braces and retainers as a teenager but my chin is not off center. It is unlikely that your chin is off center because you had braces although you need for braces may have been related to the chin asymmetry. If you want the bone centered the chin will have to be cut horizontally and slid to your right. This is real surgery that is associated with its own pros and cons. That is the only way to recenter the chin. Injected something into the area may slightly camouflage that but it would never look like the chin is centered. You can try a filler since they are temporary and will not cause any harm but if you want a centered chin you will be wasting your money on an injectable filler.

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To my eye the two sides of the face asymmetric.

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This is a relatively common type of issue.  So "dental" work or minor surgery is not going to fix it.  A better issue is it worth fixing?  Fillers in the chin will help visually balance the chin and it does not require surgery.  It is important that the punishment should fit the crime.  This is a subtle issue so I would not recommend going overboard having the issue addressed.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Chin off center

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If your bite and dentition is ok then this is something you really need to decide how badly you want corrected. Fillers will not correct this and in fact may make your chin look wider but they are not very invasive and will go away if you don't like them. You need a sliding osteotomy to correct this and should see an oral maxillo facial surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon with experience in trauma and bone work. It's a bigger procedure but will give you permanent correction.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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While you do appear to have some mild to moderate asymmetry, this is not uncommon. Based on the limited views available, I would recommend balancing the asymmetry with and injectable filler such as sculptra which is long lasting and can do wonders in some cases to balance mild to moderate facial asymmetries in the lower face. You should be sure to have a thorough dental evaluation prior to undergoing any cosmetic treatment.

Anita Mandal, MD
Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon

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