Update.. finally scheduled for explant in 6 days! Should I get en bloc or total capsulectomy?

I believe I have smooth saline under the muscle by Mehgan in June, 2005. 300cc in left 270 right, They are so firm right now, making it difficult to breath. Also feeling fatigued, vision loss, etc. look fake too. I am actually hoping for more soft, droopy and squishy LOL so that I can wear push up bras and have more natural cleavage. I just don't want old granny boobies. B/c i may be experiencing symptoms i want to get either en bloc or total capsulectomy?

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Finally scheduled for explant in 6 days! Should I get en bloc or total capsulectomy? (Photo)

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This is something that you have to decide with your surgeon based on the severity of your capsular contracture. If the breasts are hard to the touch then you will probably require a total capsulectomy but without examining you personally its difficult to give specific advice. Whether or not you would benefit from a simultaneous lift is also something you'll want to discuss beforehand. Best of luck! 

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Capsular contaracture and implant removal

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It sound like you should have the capsule removed as much as possible.  Your pain symptoms may be related, but there has bee no scientific evidence in the literature to support malaise,vision loss, etc. with implants.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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