Can Veneers Help Reverse the Effects from Extractions During Orthodontic Treatment?

I recently completed orthodontic treatment for crowding/crossbite. During treatment, they extracted 2 upper premolars. The plan was to do this & continue with jaw surgery. I moved and saw a new ortho who thought the extractions were a mistake and I didn't need surgery. I already had a small smile and the extractions affected my face. My smile is narrow, my upper lip droops into a downward "V", and I have developed under-eye bags from the lack of arch support.Can veneers help with reversing this?

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Can veneers help facial appearance

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Unfortunately with the two photos you presented, no dentist  can or should advise you what to do over the Internet. You need to find a reconstructive/ neuromuscular dentist who rehabilitates the jaw and get advice. 

However, this is my general answer:

Mainstream Orthodontics usually  deals with straightening teeth . When a patient lacks vertical height of the jaw, either jaw surgery or reconstruction is the answer. veneers can help raise your lip line, and open you smile to a more of a widened arch look, etc... not ortho. How ever you need to veneer/onlay  whole upper jaw not a few veneers. And sometimes lower jaw as well. If you go to my website you will see those cases performed. 


Orange County Dentist

Veneers to improve orthodontic treatment

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In cases of complex treatment like yours it takes a couple of doctors - orthodontist, oral surgeon and usually a prosthodontist also to complete the right and optimal treatment plan. The pictures that you present does not  emphasize the differences that you describe because of width of smile and quality of the pictures. Situation like yours should be evaluated by a specialist who is experienced in complex rehabilitation of similar cases, preferably by a prosthodontist. Veneers will be only a temporary option with unstable bite and relationship between upper and lower jaws. Esthetic touch-up like veneers usually is the last step in the treatment after the prosthodontist is confident about the stability of your bite and esthetic look. 

Veneers CAN Fix a Narrow Arch Smile!

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Yes! Dental Veneers can bring out your smile and make your smile look more "Hollywood".  Many people with narrow arches/smiles have the same concerns you do.  Often times a conservative type of veneer like a "lumineer" can be used to create the look you are after.  By adding volume to the fronts of your teeth it changes the way the angles look so the teeth appear more "straight".  And at the same time it pushes out, if you will, the soft tissues, creating more support.  Some cosmetic dentists refer to this as a dental facelift.  It appearst that you are a great candidate from your pictures.  I would encourage you to look around the site at pictures of people that have had veneers. 

Best of Luck!

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Veneers to correct ortho problems

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You bet. Veneers can help build out your teeth towards the lips, rolling the lips out more. Addtional fillers and Botox that many dentist are now doing can enhance your smile.

Mitchell A. Josephs, DDS
Palm Beach Dentist

No-Prep Veneers: Excellent Option to Restore Youthful Smile after Orthodontic Premolar Extractions

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No-Prep Veneers used to get a bad rap for being bulky and fake-looking...but with the latest technology, no-prep veneers (ike DURAthins) are an excellent treatment solution for you (and many others who had extractions with orthodontics).  When you have extractions with braces, the smile gets pulled in and back - resulting in a collapsed smile and thin lips.  We can broaden the smile (and plump your lips) using no-prep veneers.  If you want, you can e-mail me your photos ( and I'll do a consultation over e-mail to discuss your specific options.

Veneers can help!

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Veneers can help all of the above if they are done correctly.  The veneers can be built out toward your lips and cheeks to help fill them out and to widen your smile.  They can also close spaces, so if you are seeing a new orthodontist, they may want to move the teeth out to give you the natural support and then the veneers can be used to close the extra spaces.

Blaine McLaughlin, DDS
Cedar Rapids Dentist

Porcelain Veneers To Correct Narrow Smile

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From the after picture that you provided it is difficult for me to tell you whether you should have porcelain veneers to widen your smile.  What I can tell you is that in general veneers are used to correct narrow smiles where permanent teeth have been extracted.  They can be made to fill out the "dark lines" that are evident in narrow smiles giving the patient a much fuller smile.  I would suggest for you to see a dentist with extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and see if they feel porcelain veneers would be a wise treatment for you.  Good luck.

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