Why are my front teeth crowns clicking?

I had my four front teeth crowned two weeks ago. After the permanent crowns were fitted, everything was great for the first week, but now I constantly feel a clicking or slight back and forth movement when my tongue touches my teeth. The crowns seem to be well fitted but I am not sure what the movement is an indication of. I also feel some light tension, similar to a feeling of having braces taken off. Are the crowns still settling in?

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Why are my front teeth crowns clicking?

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You are most likely needing some "fine tuning" of your bite (occlusion...the way your teeth hit together).  Return to your dentist and have him/her check your new crowns.
Also, you are probably experiencing something we call "dental awareness syndrome".  Things have changed, and your are acutely aware of the change.  Some physical changes along with a lot of mental focusing on the changing.  Thus, I would try to do two things after your dentist rechecks your bite. 
First, TRY NOT TO THINK ABOUT YOUR TEETH SO MUCH!!!  If you need some support with this, go to youtube.com and search for the Bob Newhart video entitled "stop it".  You will laugh I'm sure, and also get the message.
Second, give things some time to adjust and settle in.

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Crowns Clicking

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It is probably a good idea to set up a fine tuning appointment with your Dentist.
That way the issue can be evaluated and if need be addressed.

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