Fractured Nasal Bone- How Long to Heal?

I have two small fractures in my nasal bone. Dr. Said it was minor and showed me exactly where the fractures were. They were very small an faint but definitely there. I like to work out and do extreme boot camps three days a week and then I run about 2 miles the rest of the days. The dr. wasn't very clear on what I could and couldn't do but he wasn't very forthcoming with information. Questions: How long will it take to heal and can I continue my workouts? Thanks L

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Nasal Fracture healing time

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Nasal fracture is unlike any other bone fracture in your body.  Bony fractures in your limbs, for example, require immobilization and or fixation for 4-8 weeks to heal properly.  Nasal fracures on the other hand....can be left alone in its fractured state and it will heal just fine.  This is because nasal bones are not being moved and pulled by surrounding muscles.  Therefore, the closed or open reduction of the nasal fracture is ONLY performed if there is cosmetic or functional deformity of the nose following the nasal fracture.  In other words, if there is no cosmetic or functional sequelae following the nasal fracture, no treatment is necessary. 

Now, in your case, if it is very small fracture and there are no sequelae other than the small hair line fracture it selff, I will allow you to do what ever you like, with the exception of boxing and wrestling, perhaps.  I think you can work out with the kind of work out you are talking about.

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Healing nasal bones

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For patients with active lifestyles, as yourself, the time away from workouts can be more of an issue than the procedure itself.   If the bone is out of its normal anatomic position, it needs to be reduced to its original position and casted immediately afterward to stabilize this reduction.  The cast is left on for a short period (5-7 days) however these bones are still unstable and can be moved into a undesirable position, either from an accidental bump on your nose during a boot camp session or from inside pressure from your nose your create during a squat.  Either way, I typically tell patients who require reduction of a nasal fracture or after a rhinoplasty requiring changing the position of the nasal bones to refrain from strenuous physical for at least 6 weeks.

Edward S. Kwak, MD
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon
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