I'm on tray 7 out of 10 in my Invisalign treatment. I accidentally put tray 7 in a day early. Will this cause any harm?

I wore tray 6 for only 13 days. I felt some more pressure with tray 7, but not too bad. I just want to make sure this will not cause any negative side effects or results. I wear my trays mostly 22 hours a day, I will have a few days where I wear them around 16 hours, but with tray 6 that only happened twice in the 13 days.

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Smart material

Invisalign trays are designed using a patented SmartTrack material allowing it to apply very gentle pressure to your teeth. For this reason, a day off your scheduled wear will have minimal harm on your teeth as long as your teeth have been progressing along as planned.

New York Orthodontist

OK to move ahead with aligner.

With the consistent  wear that you have expressed it is OK to skip ahead to the next aligner provided that it is is tracking well.  Make sure that your teeth fit fully into the trays at the biting edge of your teeth.  If it will not seat completely then you need to back up to your previous tray.  Make sure yo use your chewies to fully seat the new tray.

Michael J. Solly, DDS
Knoxville Dentist


Not to worry, you should be fine. Good for you that you are so diligent with it. With proper wear and use, you will certainly achieve the result you are looking to accomplish.

Adam Gutwein, DMD
Austin Dentist

Invisalign aligner schedule

Starting a day early should not present an issue for you as your compliance is very high. Let your doctor know but you should still be on track. We wish all of our patients were as conscientious as you are. Good luck to you.

With proper wear time and compliance your treatment should continue on just fine

Aligner schedules of 2 weeks per aligner are averages of needed wear times to allow for proper teeth movement and orthodontic  bone remodeling.   With proper daily wear time of over 20 hours a day with limited aligner removal times missing one day of said aligner should not in anyway effect your outcome.  You can add one day to your current aligner (15 days of wear) to put your mind at ease.Good luck!

Steven Davidowitz, DDS
New York Dentist
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