Can you use whitening strips/other while doing Invisilign?

I see this has been answered and the answer seems to be YES you can use whiting strips/other while doing invisilign. My question is: once those brackets come off some off, won't you have a small discolored mark there because this area was not whitened? This would be using crest white strips not using the invisilign trays. and I'm specifically concerned about the spots where the brackets are.

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You can whiten your teeth while doing Invisalign. It may be difficult to get white strips to adapt to your teeth if you have any attachments for Invisalign on your teeth.

It's better to delay whitening

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If you have attachments on your teeth, the area of teeth surface underneath the attachments will not be whitened so whitening during treatment may make the attachments more visible as the rest of your teeth become whiter. That being said, whitening strips are OTC low grade whitening products so it's whitening effect is limited and often transient. You can always try it and discontinue at will if the attachments become more noticeable and you don't like the look of them. Professional whitening is definitely not recommended until after treatment and after all brackets and attachments are removed. Cheers

Chia-Hung Lin, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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