Should I Go for Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

I am 23, Asian. I've felt self-conscious with my chubby face my whole life. Looking at my dad and his parents, and how people have ALWAYS commented I look more like my dad (I also have a large frame like him), the chubby face lasts well into the 70s. My mum and her parents are average-sized. I have gained, lost and gained 10kg before but my face has always looked the same in photos. I'm of normal BMI=21. Should I go for buccal fat removal? I do not want to waste my youth hiding a chubby face. TIA

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Buccal Fat Removal

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Buccal fat removal can help to slim down the cheeks and give a slimmer facial appearance.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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Buccal fat removal

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Buccal fat removal would help but you need to understand the result will be subtle and int the area below your cheek bones.

Adrian Lo, MD

Adrian Lo, MD
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