Flying After Implant Removal?

How soon is it safe to fly after a straight implant removal?

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Flying after Breast Implant Removal?

Always best to check with your plastic surgeon about travel after surgery.  He/she knows exactly what was done, how you are doing from the standpoint of complications, at exactly what you are planning on doing during your travels. The main concerns with this type of surgery would be avoidance of lifting and clots in the lower extremity.  Measures such as frequent ambulation, use of compression stockings, possible use of aspirin…may be considered.

 Having said that, most patients are able to travel within a week after the procedure performed barring complications and assuming follow-up can be arranged.

 I hope this, and attached link, helps.

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Airplane Travel After Explantation

I don't know of any travel restrictions after breast surgery except if the flight is over an hour you should consider compression hose for your lower legs. Venous stasis causing blood clots to develop in your legs is the only problem I see after any surgery. I f you are a high risk for blood clots you may want to talk to your Plastic Surgeon about the compression hose and possibly taking a drug called Lovenox for a short period of time. If your surgery was over an couple of hours, that would also increase your risk for blood clots in your legs.

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Implant removal and flying

Usually patients can fly a week or two after surgery provided that they are healing without any issues.  Best to ask your surgeon.

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