Fluid Build Up on Lower Legs After Lipo, Is this Normal?

I had lipo 2 days ago on multiple areas wondering if fluid build up around ankles is normal

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Fluid Build Up on Lower Legs After Lipo, Is this Normal?

Lower extremity edema can occur following liposuction, best to elevate legs to heart level, call your chosen surgeon, see surgeon to evaluate. Might need diuretic or rule out DVT. 

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Ankle Swelling after Liposuction

Thank you for the question.

Yes, some swelling of the lower extremities is normal after liposuction surgery. This may be related to the intravenous fluid that you received during your operation or because of fluid that has tracked down ( because of gravity).

Occasionally swelling may be related to the presence of deep venous thrombosis (clotting).

Always safest to check with your plastic surgeon in person.

Best wishes.

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Lower leg edema after liposuction

You haven't indicated which areas of your body were liposuctioned. If you had lower extremity liposuction, it would not be uncommon for see the development of some early pitting edema, especially if you were not wearing an appropriate compression garment. Speak to your plastic surgeon about this. Generally, at 3 to 4 days postop, you should begin to diurese the fluid and will be more comfortable.

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