Juvederm Ultra Smile vs Juvederm Volbella for lips?

If you have used both Juverderm Ultra Smile & Juvederm Volbella for enhancing lips, which lasts longer and which creates a fuller lip? I have very thin lips which practitioners have a hard time enlarging. (I do not want to do fat or implants). And are they really just the same product as the regular Juvederm, just marketed under a different name? In which case, I already know they won't work well enough for me. Thank you.

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Juvederm Ultra vs Volbella

Both Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Volbella are FDA indicated to last up to 1 year and Juvederm Ultra Plus is indicated to last over 1 year. Volbella is made differently than Juvederm Ultra, in that it's more crosslinked, so it's similar to Voluma. 1 syringe of Juvederm Ultra in the US is 1ML whereas Volbella is .55ML, so dollar for dollar Juvederm Ultra may be a better price for lips.

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Volbella vs Juvederm Ultra

Thank you for your question. Juvederm Ultra and Volbella, both Allergan products, are used for 2 different reasons when injected into the lips. They are manufactured in different ways as well. Juvederm Ultra is mainly used to plump the lips, give them shape and volume. Volbella is used for the fine vertical lines around the lips and getting rid of the “barcode” look on the bottom lip and giving the lips a more luscious look. I hope this answers your question. Please seek out an experienced doctor and/or injector.

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Filler lip rejuvenation

Each of us has different lips and different lip concerns. As such, each patient needs to be assessed induvidually and see what would be best for them. Make sure that you have a thorough cosultation and assessment prior to proceeding wth any treatments.

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Volbella for lips

Volbella is a great product for lip enhancement, and is what we usually use. However, you should get a physical examination as performed by an experienced injector to determine which product would be right for you.

It is difficult to assess which product would be best without a photo or in person evaluation.

It is difficult to assess which product would be best without a photo or in person evaluation. A combination approach may be a good method for enhancing your lips if you have had problems in the past. Even though the products are hyaluronic acids they are cross linked differently.


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Volbella is a new filler from Allergan which is ideal for lip lines/smokers lines around the lip.  It comes in 0.6cc syringe volume which is about half the 1.0cc Juvederm volume.  For volume enhancement in the lips, you will get more result with the Juvederm.

John Burns, MD
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Juvederm Ultra Smile vs Juvederm Volbella for lips

Neither Juvederm Ultra smile nor Juvederm Volbella have been approved by the FDA for use in the United Stated. The juvederm.com website is managed by Allergan the manufacturer of Juvederm, and a good resource for skilled injectors who use FDA approved product.

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Juvederm UltraSmile and Juvederm Volbella Not FDA Approved in U.S.

I think you have read responses that are very important for everyone to understand. In the U.S., we do not have either of these as FDA-cleared products so if you are from Florida, there is no one legally allowed to inject them into anyone. Clinical trials are ongoing with Volbella in the U.S., and UltraSmile is available in countries outside the U.S.

Remember, it is OK to use FDA-cleared products in other places — like Botox or approved fillers — but if the product is not yet FDA approved, it cannot be legally brought in or injected — and there is a potential that if a clinician has it, it may be counterfeit.So please be careful. Consider other FDA-approved dermal fillers such as Juvederm. 

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It is important to go to a physician that uses only FDA approved products-
otherwise you are going to someone who is breaking US law as well as putting yourself at risk.

I would recommend finding a physician that uses only FDA approved products.

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Juvedem for lips

I am assuming you live in the US first of all.The products you mention are not released for use or purchase  in the US and if your surgeon  is importing them to use here, that is illegal

Julio Garcia, MD
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