What Fixes Breast Tissue Atrophy Caused my Implants?

A few months ago I thought that my implants had ruptured because they seemed smaller. Now, after some research, I believe my own breast tissue is thinning. My upper chest seems very flat and the implants seem to be low. Will a breast lift fix that? What can I do?

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Breast lift for breast atrophy

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A breast lift will remove the stretched out skin, but hat skin has already failed you once, and in time, will likely stretch out once again. You might require the placement of Stratice to create a new and more stable capsule to avoid the problem from recurring.

Thinning Breast tissue after augmentation

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we can see this problem with:

  1. aging
  2. large implants
  3. weight loss

we can see improvement with:

  1. fat grafts
  2. mastopexy
  3. combination of both

Fat transfer to the breast can help with coverage of the implant

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We have been getting excellent results with fat transfer to the breast and this might work well in your situation.

Breast impants can cause thinning of your breast tissue

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One of the lesser known complications of breast implants is that they can cause thinning of the overlying breast tissue.  This is the result of pressure from the breast implant that injures the breast tissue.  The larger the implant,. the more the pressure, and possible the more the thinning.  This is the reason why you should avoid choosing very large implants in small tight breasts. Unfortunately there is no easy fix to this once it has occured.  One thing to do is change yoru implants to silicone  becuase there will be less visibility and palpability beneath your thin tissue. Also, the implants should be placed (or moved) beneath the chest muscle because this will add an extra layer over the implant.  To replace thin tissue, fat injections can be placed or acellular dermal matrix such as Alloderm or Strattice can help to thicken the breast tissue. If your implants have "dropped" because of the weakend tissue has lost support, then you may require breast fold reconstruction to help them stay up.  The biggest key is to try to avoid this problem all together by appropriately choosing and implant volume that is best for your size, breast measurement, and tissue quality.

Trteatment of Tissue Atrophy from Breast Implants

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Breast tissue thinning is a common long-term occurrence in some patients from the pressure of the implants. (squeezing the fat between the implant and the skin) It tends to occur in larger implants and those that are placed  above the muscle. It is also possible that it may also be a factor of skin becoming more lax over time and after pregnancies or weight loss. There is no standard way to try and improve this 'problem'. Options include exchanging to larger imlpants to create the perception of more fill and firmness from the outside or placing some form of tissue grafts between the implants and the skin. Fat injections would be the only really good choice for tissue replacement due to the versatility of how and where they can be placed.

This is very common after augmentation

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The thinning of the breast tissue is very common post augmentation and we See that more with the above the muscle implants. Your best option is fat grafting to give you volume and also softness. 

Strattice or fat grafting for thin tissue around breast implants

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While there are a number of causes of thinning of the tissues (atrophy) around implants, a certain degree of it is normal. Options include fat grafting and acellular dermal matrix grafts such as Strattice or Alloderm. It will depend on your specific issues however so without personally examining you it is not possible to make a definitive recommendation.

Thinning tissue and breast implants

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Thinning of natural breast tissue is a common occurrence after breast augmentation surgery. Human tissues respond to the stresses applied to them which is why muscles and bones get bigger and stronger with exercise. Fat in the breasts, however, tends to do the opposite when pressure is applied to it in the form of breast implants.  It tends to occur less with smaller implants and with the implants under the muscle. Unfortunately, there is not a lot that can be done about it.

If your implants have dropped too low resulting in a flat appearance to the upper part of your breasts, it is possible to have them repositioned higher. It is not uncommon to feel that you have gotten smaller as your implants have dropped. This may be the primary reason as to why you feel that you have gotten smaller rather than actual thinning of your breast tissue.

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