Is it possible to fix my uneven eyelids without surgery? (photo)

I already have double eyelids, but one crease is higher than the other. I've been considering using eyelid tape or glue, but I heard that can only fix monolids and make your eyelid crease higher...when I really wanted to make my left eyelid crease to match my right one.

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Uneven upper lid crease

  • Surgery is needed to correct the unevenness,
  • Don't tape your lids - it can be irritating to the skin,
  • The difference between the creases is real but subtle. A certain amount of asymmetry is normal.
  • When you are ready for surgery, if it still bothers you, see a Board Certified Plastic or Ophthalmoplastic Surgeon. Best wishes.

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Please don't kid yourself or let others do the same.

There are doctors who might try to convince you that this can be done without surgery.  They might even believe it themselves.  However, the only way you are going to fix the asymmetry is with a very precisely double fold surgery.  I perform many of these surgeries each month in my office under local anesthesia.  The recovery takes about two weeks before the bruising has resolved.  For you , the big issue is that you need both a small amount of ptosis surgery for the left upper eyelid and a small amount of skin.  I call this micro-double fold blepharoplasty. Remember that there is no substitute for a personal consultation.  Get more than one opinion and carefully study before and after pictures on the surgeon's website to be certain they do what you need.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Thermage for eyes

Thermage is the only nonsurgical FDA approved device for tightening the upper eyelids.  The treatment takes about an hour and there is little to no down time afterwards.  The results are not as dramatic as surgery but they can be just enough for many patients.  It can help with asymmetry but an in person consultation is needed. 

Christopher Khorsandi, MD
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Is it possible to fix my uneven eyelids without surgery?

There isn't a non-surgical approach to changing the eyelid shape or position. Taping would only be expected to make a short-lived change in the eyelid or eyelid crease. If you are very concerned about your eyelids seek an consultation with an expert eyelid surgeon. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS
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Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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