Scar from trauma between eyebrows. What would be best treatment?

This is a traumatic scar between my eyebrows, it is not frown lines. What would be the best treatment? Fillers? Botox? Im a little scared of fillers in this area, with what I've read about necrosis.

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Scar Revision on the glabella and forehead

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Xeomin or Botox could be used to relax the muscles in the area, thereby improving the visibility of the scar. Another option would be to perform scar revision.

Scar between brows

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I would recommend botox or another neuromuscular relaxer in this area because the action of the muscles in this area are further creasing and accentuating the scar. Filler in this area can be done safely with a very experienced injector but there are other options as well. A series of fractional laser treatments with the fraxel re:store laser for example can create new collagen under the scar and improve it's appearance significantly. If you wish to avoid fillers, then I think the neuromuscular relaxer and laser will give you great results based on what I see in the photo. Good luck!

Possible treatments for scar between eyebrows

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If the scar between your eyebrows is depressed, it is possible that filler injections could improve it. If the scar becomes deeper when you frown, then it is possible that Botox could help. Another potential treatment option would be surgical scar revision. An examination would be needed to determine which option might be best for you.

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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