I Got into a Fight 3 Days Ago and my Nose Was Hit Hard Should I Go to the Doctor?

Moderate blood loss when it first happened from nosebleed, my shirt was soaked in blood, I've woken up the past nights with my nose clogged with dried blood, when I blow my nose blood comes out and I just stuck a Kleenex in it (3 days after accident) and there was fresh blood on it. No immediate recognition of a crooked nose but it is still swollen.

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You have up to 2 weeks to straighten a broken nose, but if there is a hematoma its an emergency

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There is only one situation when your nose needs to be treated right away after trauma, that's if you have a hematoma of the septum. That is when blood collects under the skin (called mucosa) of the septum and it swells. This is extremely uncommon but if its present, your nose could collapse over a years time. A nose specialist or even an ER doc can diagnose this. One possible indication that you have one is if your nose is totally blocked on both sides.

As for the external nose. The bones become fairly fixed after 2 weeks. We often don't fix broken noses the first few days because swelling distorts the nose and we can't tell exactly how crooked it is or how much to straighten.

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Evaluation of your nose is important after trauma

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You should see a physician to determine if immediate treatment is required. Intranasal bleeding is a sign of injury to structures inside your nose. Examination of your nose will help to reveal the source of the bleeding and also determine whether the septum is deviated. Iced compresses to the nose may help to dissipate some of the external swelling. Once less swollen, you'll be able to see if your nose is crooked or not. Early nasal fractures can be "reset" within a few weeks of the initial injury. Thanks for your question. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal trauma and broken nose

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  It is important to be evaluated by a ENT facial plastic surgeon to determine and document any nasal/septal fracture.  It's also important to make sure that there is no septal hematoma present, so it is a good idea to be evaluated in person.  Physical exam and  x-rays will also will also help with the documentation process. Even though the external portion of the nose maybe straight, the septum could have become deviated to the trauma.Please see the link below for examples of fractured noses we have repaired in our practice

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Broken nose is not an emergency but probably should be checked out by a doctor.

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Seeing a surgeon immediately probably will be of little benefit. Nevertheless is not a bad idea to have this checked out.

Good idea to see a surgeon within the next week

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Your nose is important in terms of breathing and appearance. Nasal trauma and fractures can affect both.  As the swelling subsides  and bleeding stops you may notice a change to appearance of your nose and/or you may have trouble breathing through one or both sides of  your nose. 

If your nose is indeed fractured, it is best to consult with a surgeon within the next week. There are a number of treatment options (especially for early fractures). You and your surgeon can decide what would be best for you. 

Joshua Rosenberg, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nasal Trauma Question

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The answer is yes!  Schedule an appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an exam and to discuss your options.  Best wishes!


Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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