I feel like my face is becoming deformed as I get older, is it because of my nose? Am I just getting bad wrinkles at 32? (photo)

Last year my nose became crooked after it broke and within the last year I have noticed my face look weird and become more crooked. My one cheek is way bigger than the other and I am getting laugh lines really bad I feel like I'm starting to look so old and I'm 32. Bad lines Can this be from my nose breaking causing my face to be crooked or is it just my age. Will getting a nose surgery help with this!? I had a CT scan after the break and it is crooked and I have a bone spur and deviated septum.

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Bad wrinkles at 32

Though you had an accident as a result of which you ended up with a broken nose, you are a beautiful woman.  All of us have slight facial asymmetries that actually make us unique.  In fact, studies were done, where faces were photographed and then one half of the face was morphed to be the exact replica of the other and, believe or not, the morphed faces, though perfectly symmetrical, looked worse than the natural counterparts.

What you are developing, resulting in nasolabial folds (smile lines) and the beginning of tear-trough deformities (lines under your eyes), is a loss of volume in your midface (cheek area).  If injected, this area gives beautiful support to the center of your face, giving a subtle lift, which typically softens the nasolabial folds and practically erases the groove under the eyes. Several options exist for these injections. One is using collagen stimulating fillers, such as Radiesse or Sculptra Aesthetic.  The other is using a new Hyaluronic acid filler called Juvederm Voluma - an excellent choice as well, with naturally appearing results and duration of correction for at least 2 years.

Hope this helps

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Your have a pretty face in your photos. Be careful not too have too much surgery too early.

Fixing a slightly crooked nose after a fracture is a reasonable procedure performed by and ENT Plastic or plastic surgeon who specializes in nasal reconstruction.  Laugh lines can be conservatively injected with fillers such as Juvaderm or Perlane and slight differences in cheek volume can be quickly corrected with Voluma or Sculptra.  It is important to be realistic and not too critical of your appearance.  Everyone has some minor asymmetries in their facial contours and your photos look pretty good as you are. 

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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Your pictures portray an attractive young woman with some early signs of volume loss

the facial asymmetry is normal and can easily be improved with some voluma, perlane or radiesse...and the accentuated creases running from the side of your nose to the side of your mouth also can easily be improved with a filler...your nose looks great...nothing needed...cheer up...you're being to hard on yourself...

Ken Landow, MD
Las Vegas Dermatologist
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A good filler would probably solve your problem

Have you lost a lot of weight? It looks like you have lost a bit of mid facial volume. This is best seen in the dark photos as shadows exaggerated. If a filler such as radiesse and maybe perlane or voluma was injected in the cheek area where you have lost volume it will pull those lines up and give you nice full cheeks. Full cheeks also make  the nose look smaller  but  I do not think that you have a big or a bad looking nose

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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