Should I Be Worried That I Can Feel Graft Edge, One Week After RhinopIasty?

I just had my revision (second) rhinoplasty 6 days ago. Yesterday I got the cast taken out and most of the stitches. Everything seemed to be going perfect till I woke up today and touched the tip of my nose felt the edge of the graft on one side. You can barely see it, but I can definitely feel it. I went to see my dr. today and he did some massages on my nose to try and stick it in, which hurt. But he didn't say much. I'm worried it's gonna get worse over time and start to show.

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Should I Be Worried That I Can Feel Graft Edge, One Week After RhinopIasty?

Should I Be Worried That I Can Feel Graft Edge, One Week After RhinopIasty?

 I'm not sure what to say about that since I don't know what type of grafting material was used during your Rhinoplasty and where it was placed...the nasal bridge or the tip.  At 6 days post op, the grafts can be felt although I would not recommend that my Rhinoplasty patients try to touch or feel the graft(s) as they would be more likely to cause the grafts some issue than not.  Grafts, IMO, should be secured either with internal sutures or tissue glue that could be torn or broken when patients attempt to feel the grafts.  It's best for you to follow the advice of your Rhinoplasty surgeon at this early post Rhinoplasty stage.

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Revision rhinoplasty with grafts

In revision rhinoplasty the use of cartilage grafts are common to rebuild structure and mask other irregularities.

Be patient. Don't look critically for at least a month. Many times visible or even palpable grafts will smooth out as your body lays down a layer of fibrous tissue(the body's natural glue). Follow up with your surgeon and follow their instructions. I tell my patients that it will be 6-8 weeks before 80% of the swelling and settling is complete and a full year for the final 20%. Time is the great healer!

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Rhinoplasty and Cartilage Grafts


If you had cartilage grafts, then you may feel the grafts through the skin but they should not be visually noticeable. Over time they may soften, but you will always feel a little something in the graft area. Your surgeon can guide you through this.



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Grafts in rhinoplasty

It can be totally fine, or it can become a problem. It is really difficult to say without examining you and knowing what was done. Make sure you keep the communication open with your surgeon, and hope everything goes well for you!

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