I have fatty, puffy, upper eyelids. What is my best option? Surgery? Other options?

I have limited finances and little time for recovery. I don't have a surgeon within a few hours, so I'm trying to determine what would be best: The Stab Incision Procedure for Upper Eyelid Medial Fat Pad Removal, traditional eyelid surgery, upper blepharoplasty? Looking for the least expensive, quickest recovery option. However, I need a doctor's eye and advice. I'm pretty sure this isn't normal.

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Fatty puffy upper lids

  • Unless your puffiness is limited to the inner eye, the stab incision approach won't work,
  • traditional eye lid surgery is an upper blepharoplasty,
  • conservative fat removal has always been best -
  • but how much fat to remove, where, depends on your eyes and the look you want,
  • Find the nearest Board Certified Plastic, Ophthalmoplastic or Facial Plastic Surgeon, contact his/her office and see if you can submit photos by email for a phone consultation. At that time, ask about cost.
  • There is no point in a fast recovery from a cheap operation that doesn't achieve what you want.
  • If you can't afford the right procedure, save up for it. Best wishes.

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Best option for puffy upper eyelids

There are 3 components that contribute to puffiness in the upper eyelids: These are skin, muscle, and two fatty deposits. Without photographs, it's impossible to give an opinion on what may or may not be required. As a general rule, we usually only remove the medial fat pad closest to the nose.  The primary goal of a traditional upper blepharoplasty  is to remove excess hooding of the skin, and a small amount of herniated fat creating the puffiness look. Whatever type of surgery you  have on your eyelids,  there will be 10-14 days of recovery time with visible bruising and swelling. For many examples, please see the link below to our blepharoplasty photo  Gallery

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Upper Eyelid Rejuvenation

Upper eyelid surgery has changed significantly over the last few years in order to make the results more natural and long lasting. Although the medial fat pad is the only one I ever remove from the upper lids, it is very rare that this alone will rejuvenate them. Puffy upper eyelids is frequently caused by descent of the brow and treated by brow lift rather than by upper eyelid surgery. When dealing with the eyes, the "windows to the soul," you do not want to do what is the cheapest, you want to do what will correct the problem correctly. Travel to wherever you need to see an experienced plastic surgeon who specializes in facial and eye rejuvenation.

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Options for correction of puffy upper eyelids.

Surgery is the only way to correct puffy upper eyelids. While heavy upper lids is something people can live with, it is not pleasant because of its disproportionally negative impact  on appearance.
Upper lid surgery, well done, has the single biggest benefit of any facial surgery in brightening the appearance of the whole face.  Furthermore, if expertly done, the benefit is essentially permanent.The best, requires more surgical and recovery time and therefore costs more, so is not possible for you at present given your limited financial situation. Understandably, any improvement is better than none. 
Photographs for evaluation and a history: your age, if you were born with this appearance, or if it is from recurrent allergies or from aging are relevant, If the bulging is mainly on the inner part of the eyelids near the nose, it can be improved simply with ‘medial fat pad removal’, which is a relatively minor procedure performed under local anaesthetic without a scar, as the incision can be located inside the lid.

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I have fatty, puffy, upper eyelids. What is my best option? Surgery? Other options?

Photos are needed for an online evaluation.  In general, an upper blepharoplasty would be the operation of choice for your problem.  Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for an exam to determine the best option for you. Best wishes!

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