Forehead graft 4 weeks ago, one side bigger than other. Is this swelling? (photo)

please help me i just had fat graft 4 weeks ago. and its look like my right side is bigger than my left forehead. i asked my doctor and he advice if wait till the swelling subsides. and unsymetry is impossible to happen because he injected the same amount on my right and left side he asked me to wait for the swelling to subsided. as he advice me to use cool compress and do not massage my forehead. please help. im really worry now.will my forehead be like this forever? thanks

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Forehead graft 4 weeks ago, one side bigger than other. Is this swelling

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Thank you for submitting your questions an photo. Fat grafting can lead to asymmetry in the first few weeks. Final results take 6 months. There this time if there is assymetry there are watys to safely treat.  Discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes

Fat transplants

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  • Your final result from fat transplants will take 16 weeks to see.
  • Even if your doctor injected the same amount on both sides, more fat may survive on one side.
  • The lump if it is hard, may be swelling bleeding during surgery or fat necrosis.
  • Fat transplants are usually made in tiny amounts that do not cause such visible lumps.

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