Fascia Graft in Secondary Rhinoplasty?

Had secondary rhino and a fascia was used as I have thin skin (also had slight further rasping of bone on bridge). I feel where the fascia was used appears swollen... How long does it take for fascia swelling to settle on average? Operation was 6.5 weeks ago. In addition, does air travel/ humidity have an effect on the level of swelling? Thanks!

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Revision Rhinoplasty with Fascia Graft

Thank you for the question. Recovery after revision rhinoplasty is longer than primary rhinoplasty -- and certainly longer than 6 or 7 weeks.  Fascia grafts can be very helpful in patients with thin skin, as this can help to camouflage any slight irregularities in the underlying cartilage and bone. However, when fascia is used, there can be a bit more swelling. In some cases, gentle massage or small injections of a steroid can help. Please stay in close touch with your surgeon throughout the healing process.

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Revision rhinoplasty

Dear Olivia2013,

  1. Overall, you will be more swollen following a second rhinoplasty
  2. It may not be the graft that is swollen, but the skin on top of it
  3. Any changes in temperature or air pressure can affect the swelling of the nose

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Transient edema of temporalis fascia after rhinoplasty

When fascia is used alone as an onlay graft, the edema or swelling typically resolves fairly quickly.  Your skin and nose overall may be swollen after surgery, but the fascia is usually settled by 6-8 weeks.  Air travel does exacerbate swelling after rhinoplasty. 

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