Having a Facial After Radiesse?

I had about 2 syringes of radiesse injected into my face about a week ago. Is there any reason why I wouldnt be able to get a facial that includes a moderate amount of extractions? The extractions are performed using an extraction hand-held tool. The blocked pore is pierced with a needle and then the core is scooped out.

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Facial extraction after Radiesse filler injection

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As long as there is no bruising a week after filler injection such as Radiesse, there is no concrete clinical reason why a straight forward facial extraction cannot be performed. The filler material should settle in nicely a week out.

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Facial after Radiesse

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Good question. I would recommend against facial massage until 2-3 weeks after Radiesse. However, if you are only getting a facial, without massage - I don't think it will be a problem. I am not worried about the extractions - just be sure to let your aesthetician know that you had some facial tissue fillers. If you want to be really safe, you could wait another week or two.

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