Chronic Inflammation Caused by Radiesse Under Eyes. How Much Longer and How to Treat?

I've been suffering for 20 months with disfiguring radiesse under the eyes. I still have a large mound/bag in the corner of my eyelid that looks almost like a water blister or raised burn. I think the radiesse is still a blob there. My doctor thinks it is now chronic inflammation. The redness on the area finally faded last month. But the large swelling bag/mound remains. If it is inflammation, when will it go away? What can I do to help it (tried kenalog and too risky to do again)?

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Chronic inflammation after Radiesse

this sis tricky situation. if Radiesse leaves behind chronic inflammtion the treatment for that is kenalog injections. its best to follow up with the doctor who made the initial diagnosis and the did the fillers as well to make sure u follow exactly what he says. it will subside it just needs to be treated.  

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Chronic Inflammation Caused by Radiesse Under Eyes. How Much Longer and How to Treat?

 The Radiesse itslef should dissolve after about 12 months, so this may be a chronic reaction to the filler.  You should see an experienced Dermatologist or plastic & cosmetic surgeon to assess the area for possible granuloma formation and treatment.  The good news if this is a should eventually go away as the Radiesse is a temporary filler and not a permanent one.  Any filler has the potential to create a granuloma although they are rare.  The difference is that once caused by permanent fillers, the granuloma must be surgically removed.

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