Facelift 3 months ago having really bad recovery no help from surgeon feel very alone

Facelift done 9 wk ago no peels. GP thought it was an allergy Ive had allergic reactions in the past, he put me on steroids which made the burning in my face even worse. symptoms: -intense burning (keeping me awake) -very dark redness and rashing - face very hard still have alot of blood under the skin - trickaling feeling - overproduction of oil on my face The reply I got was he had never had anyone with these symptoms in over 30 years of doing the surgery and suggest I speak to a neurologist.

Ive had severe burning in face A&E gave me neuropathic meds, how long does this burning last. Also the blood under skin in face and neck is not disappearing and is sore to touch and uncomfortable, still look swollen and my face is constantly wet with oil since the face lift what causes the excess oil. In great pain and discomfort don't know what to do how long will this all last cant take much more. only had surgery to repair damage by assault to right side of face wish I hadnt bothered

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Facelift 3 Months Ago

Based on your comments, seek a second opinion as soon as possible.  What you are saying is highly unusual.  I have never heard of the oil production, burning, blood under skin, etc...  Take copies of your medical records, including your operative notes to your second opinion.  The more information you have for your appointment, the better.  Best wishes!

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