Facelift and Breast Lift in One Procedure?

I am an older mom (48). I would like to have a face lift and breast lift. Can I safely have both procedures at one time?  

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Safety of facelift and breast lift in one setting

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Both of these procedures are quite safe given you are a relatively healthy person.  The ultimate barometer of safety is the length of time for your anesthesia.  I believe most of us in the board certified plastic surgery realm try to keep the entire surgical time under five and a half hours.  If this can be done in that time frame then my answer is yes, it is safe.

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Tal Raine MD FACS

Facelift and breast surgery

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You can certainly have both procedures performed at the same time.  The surgery should take no more than six hours total.  If the surgery takes longer than six hours, I will usually perform them separately.

Combination surgery

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Presuming you are fit and well and anaesthesia is kept between 4-6 hours there is no reason why you could not have this combination. I would anticipate that a face lift without eyes or anterior neck lift combined with a mastopexy would take under 4 hours but you should consult with a PS to discuss the pros and cons.

Facelift and Breast Lift combined

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Assuming that you are healthy and pass all of the preoperative testing this should be no problem combining face lift and breast lift surgery. If the face lift is going to be combined with any other procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyes), fat transfer, rhinoplasty (nose) then you may want to separate the procedures. If it is just a straight Facelift and breast lift this is fine and very common in my practice. This helps reduce the fees for the patients and is very rewarding to have both done at the same time since you are already recovering and taking time off of your normal routine. Best regards in your surgical planning!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift and breast surgery - combo procedure in one setting

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Combination cosmetic procedures are very common.  To determine if you are a candidate for a combo procedure, your surgeon should evaluate your overall health status (past medical history, medications, smoking history etc).  If you are a safe candidate for these two procedures, they can be performed either as an outpatient procedure or with an overnight stay. 

Facelift and Breastlift at the same time

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You can definitely do these procedures at the same time.  The only thing that I strongly recommend at my surgical facility is to stay overnight if the surgery is longer than 8 hours. For your recovery, it may be nice to only have the downtime all at once.  Good Luck!

Facelift and Breast Lift

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Multiple procedures can be combined in the same operative room setting as long as the operative time does not exceed 6 hours.  The same surgeons or a team of surgeons can work together to improve both your face and breast appearance.  

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift and Breastlift procedures together at same surgical setting

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If you are healthy and do not smoke it is safe to do these procedures in the same operative setting safely. I prefer to do these in healthy patients only and in non-smokers only. The procedures would be done in an outpatient day surgery setting with a one or two overnight stay. The facial dressing would be removed prior to going home after the second night’s stay.  

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Combining Face Lift with Other Cosmetic Surgery

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Yes, one can combine a face lift and other cosmetic surgery, such as breast lift, in the same operation. Benefits include having only one recovery time and anesthesia. However, splitting the procedures may be more appropriate if the operative time would be too long. Much more commonly combined cosmetic procedures with a face lift include, fat injections, eyelid surgery, and brow lift.


Yes, may be performed safely together

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Facelift and breast lift may be performed safely at the same operative setting.  It is important to see your doctor for a complete physical exam including lab tests, electrocardiogram, and medical clearance a few weeks before surgery.  You must notify your doctor and surgeon of any known medical conditions.  Safety is my number one priority.

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