Eyes Are Smaller After Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

I am two months post opp, but the thing that worries me is my eyes apear to be much smaller than they were.. my right eye is even smaller than my left by about 2-3mm.. after the opp my right eye had a look of a hound dog and although that is gone my eye is so little i hate it.. the upper lid covers too much of the blue at the top of my eye (all the blue showed before surgery). I just don't understand why my eyes look so small.. thank you for any advice

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Smaller eyes after blepharoplasty

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From your description it sounds as though you may have what is called ptosis that occurred after surgery. This is weakening of the Mueller muscle causing the upper lid to sag and cut across the pupil of the eye creating a small eye look. A rounding or hound dog eye is when too much skin is taken from the lower lid with lower lid retraction. This can be repaired through oculoplastic surgery, approximately three to four months after your initial procedure when full healing has taken place.

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Upper lid droop after blepharopasty

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You technically have ptosis now and need to see an ophthalmologist to rule out reasons for sudden onset of ptosis such as myasthenia gravis, Botox injection, Horner's syndrome, etc... If all of those are ruled out, it is possible that upper blepharoplasty caused the problem depending on the extent of surgery. Ptosis can be surgically repaired.

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Small eyes after blepharoplasty

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Without seeing any before and after photos this is a little difficult to comment about.  Your eyelids should function properly.  Was your procedure done by a Plastic Surgeron?  If so you should be able to review the defferences from your before and after photos and get some guidance.

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