Eyelid Problem, How to Know if I Have Too Much Eyelid Skin?

Dear Dr i already asked a question few days ago but i didnt get a reply from what i asked. i indicated that i dont have Ptosis at all, already been examined and ive gone to different Surgeons they said its facial assymetry , that one brow is raised abit higher due to muscle being used more there i know i need to put pics about it to make it more clear but i just want to know if upper blepharoplasty can be done for everyone and how do i know if i have too much eyelid skin? i've always felt i did

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How to determine if you have excess eyelid skin

Upper blepharoplasty surgery can be done when there is excess skin on the upper eyelid.  A particularly good candidate for surgery is someone who has enough extra skin on the upper eyelid that causes a “hooded effect.”  In this case, it would be difficult to see the upper eyelids when the patient has their eyes open.  A dropping eyelid could obstruct peripheral vision and therefore be covered by insurance in some cases.  Lesser amounts of hooding will likely not be covered with insurance, but can still be a cosmetic concern.     


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Eyelid problem: too much or not too much skin

The issue with excess eyelid skin is when the upper lid tissue start to drape over your eye and hanging over the lashes margin. What happens then you subconsciously try to keep your eyes open by using your forehead muscles to raise your eyebrow to try to keep the eyes open. Sometimes you may not know this because you are constantly trying to keep the eyes open by using your forehead muscle to raise the brow, this can then cause you to have headaches or eye fatiques.

Try this: look in the mirror, be in a relaxed posed position, close your eyes, let your face muscle relaxed. Next, gently raise your eyes without trying to raise your eyebrow. Now, you should be able to see where your eyelid skin is located. If it is hanging over the lashes then you more likely than not have too much excess lid skin. If you are able to see your upper lashes or upper skin, then you do not have excess tissues.

There are other factors that has to be taken into consideration.

Hope this helps.

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Eyelid Problem-Too much eyelid skin or not?

In order to tell whether you have too much eyelid skin or not, the surgeon needs to place your brow into position and then see if there is excess eyelid skin or not.  If there is extra skin it may be because of the brow mainly, because of the eyelids mainly, or a combination of the two.  These possibilities will help to decide the appropriate procedure for you.  

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Eyelid Problem

You need to post a picture to get adequate advice here, or go see a plastic surgeon in your area.


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