Skin in the Corner of my Eyes Seems Stretched Too Tight After Upper Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

My laser surgery was just 3 days ago. I have very little bruising or swelling today. However, the skin in the corners of each of my eyes is stretched... reminiscent of the blue woman in Avatar. When I lift my eyebrows the stretched skin look is alleviated. I'm concerned this won't go improve. Is their something I can do about it now? Your opinions would be appreciated.

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Stretched Skin

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It's too early to tell. Wait at least 6 months to begin judging the final aesthetic result.  Your appearance will change significantly over the next 6-12 weeks, as your swelling/bruising resolve.

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Stretched skin after upper lid bleph

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Swelling reaches its peak at 48-72 hours postop-that is where you are right now. It is far to soon to worry. You are at the beginning of the healing curve and need to let nature take its course.

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