Eyebrow Transplantation - What Happens when Transplanted Follicles Turn Gray?

For eyebrow transplantation, I know that the doctor would choose the darkest hair follicles, but wouldn't those transplanted hair follicles turn gray eventually? Another question is once they are transplanted to the eyebrow site, would they become like eyebrow hair and not turn gray? If not, what can I do to prevent the transplanted hair from turning gray?

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Eyebrow Transplant Donor Grafts

Transplanted hair retains its texture, color, growth speed, and length. Thus, hair taken from the body and transplanted to the head (in body hair transplant) or, in this case, hair taken from the head and transplanted to the eyebrows will retain these innate characteristics. If your scalp hair is meant to turn gray, there is no way to prevent this from happening after its been transplanted to the eyebrows.

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Transplanted hair may turn gray as you age like any other hair.

Transplanted hair may turn gray as you age like any other hair.  Transplanted hair is not immune from turning gray.

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Hair from donor site retains its characteristic when transplanted.

Each hair is genetically programmed for that particular part of the body.  When the hair is transplanted it retains its genetic programming.  Therefore, taking a hair that would most likely turned gray and placing it in the eyebrow would likely turned that hair gray over time.

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Hair Transplantation - Color of Donor Hair

Like with any hair transplant, the color of the donor hair will be the same in the area transplanted.  When I perform these eyebrow procedures, I select out the hairs from the area that is least likely to turn gray.

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Eyebrows turning grey

   Most likely the eyebrow transplants will act genetically like the hair in the area from which it was donated. They probably will turn grey about the same time the hair in the donor area turns grey. Just as you will need to trim them to the proper length you may also need to dye them to get the color you desire.

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Grey eyebrows ?

Whether hair turns grey or white eventually is determined by genetic factors.Most of us will develop some grey hair,but how much ,which locations and when are all variables. If scalp hair that is already grey is transplanted to eyebrows, it will still be grey. If dark hair is transplanted it will still turn grey when it was programed to do that, even though its location has changed. There is nothing that can prevent that from happening, but the hair can be dyed.It will also grow to the same length that it would have on the scalp, so maintenance trimming to keep it short is necessary.

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Color of eyebrow transplants

Your native eyebrow hairs may also turn grey.The tinting of eyebrowsis a coomon practice in cosmotology. Eyebrow transplants must be trimmed periodically as opposed to native eyebrow hairs.

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Graying transplanted hair

Graying of hair results from a lack of pigment.  typically if scalp bearing hair turns gray then the eyebrow hair usually turns gray also.  If you are opposed to graying then dying your hair and brows may be attempted.


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