Eyebrow Transplant: How Soon Will Cobblestones Appear? (photo)

On January 17, 2013, I underwent an eyebrow transplant procedure. I received 300 grafts per. brow and most of the crusting is gone. What I am noticing now is small bumps on my right eyebrow at the graft site. I am still itchy and tender in the area. My left brow doesn't feel the smoothest but I don't see bumps, anywhere. The bumps are located at the beginning of the right brow and I don't see them anywhere else on the brow. I hope its simply part of the process and will smooth out.

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Bumps After Eyebrow Transplant

Strange bumps at the root of the grafted hairs can be a normal part of the healing process with hair and eyebrow transplant. It is from edema of inflammation at the root of the hair and partly from may be skin/hair debris caught beneath the skin, or it may be newly growing hairs trying to push their way through. In any case, this should go away, but it may take time. Even up to several months. If it becomes a serious problem, definitely follow up with your surgeon.

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Eyebrow transplant

It is much too early to evaluate the results of what appears to be a well done procedure . Allow more time for healing to take place but contact your surgeon if you need assurance. 

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Hair Transplant bumps

Yes, this is often just part of the process.  However, it is not always the case and they can last a long time.  Overall, its still a good idea to go back in and have them looked at by your hair restoration doctor.

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The main causes of bumps during an eyebrow transplant are from the healing process and how precisely grafts are placed

Eyebrow transplants involve a technically different style of procedure compared to a typical hair transplant on the scalp. These eyebrow hairs have to be placed in an angle so that there isn't much tissue around the hairs.

When I do eyebrow transplants in my practice, I use a material called extracellular matrix (ECM) made by ACell. This material has been used to reverse or treat male or female pattern hair loss. I also use the same material in an injection form for eyebrow transplantation because it accelerates the healing process. Extracellular matrix reduces the amount of shock loss or hair loss soon after surgery and diminishes collateral hair loss considerably.

Bumps and cobblestones after a hair transplant are usually related to the size of grafts and the size of the slit that was made. This happens when hair is placed in a hole that is a bit smaller or when there is already hair under the skin which was overlapped by the transplanted hair. This is referred to as "stacking" and creates these bumps. In the normal stages of the healing process, the body also generates collagen that contributes to the bumpy appearance. However, these bumps eventually become softer and smoother which is a part of the normal healing process. Proper wound healing would take about 6 months or even up to a year.  I hope that was helpful to you, and thank you for your question.

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