Eye Bags Due to Muscle Not Fat- Is There Any Way To Treat This? (photo)

I was born with oversized eyebags under both eyes, also considering that the left one is bigger than the right. I consulted with a specialist and received a surgery to eliminate extra fat. However, it turned out that my eye bags arent cause by excess fat but a oversized muscle. The specialist told me there is nothing I can do to get rid of it and told me it will shrink as time goes on. But, since i was born with it, i have yet to see improvement. Is there actually no way to improve it? 17 of age

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These are not eyelid bags. These are perfectly normal lower eyelids.

There is actually nothing wrong with your lower eyelids.  Please do not let these doctors talking about botox and fillers convince you otherwise.  Enjoy like and try not to worry about your lower eyelids.

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Hypertrophic orbicularis

The problem you are describing is not uncommon in the Asian eyelid. Hypertrophic [thick and bulky] eyelid muscle underneath the lashes can cause a "sausage" type look to the eyelid. Subtle botox injection can help soften this look.

In addition, some patients have hereditary type prolapse of the eyelid fat. The photos you posted suggest this to also be a contributing factor. This can be addressed by a couple of different techniques, such as fillers, fat repositioning, or subtle grafting.

You need an examination by an experienced eyelid surgeon comfortable in all these techniques. A dynamic exam with you smiling and not smiling and actually feeling the different bulges can be quite helpful.

Good luck

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Complex eyebags may be treated with filler, Botox, or a combination

I agree the bags under your eyes are not caused only by fat.  Sometimes the bags may be caused by a combination of anatomic factors making treatment a little tricky.  I would recommend finding someone who is very familiar with under eye treatments and slowly try different things.  You may try the following:

  1. A little Botox (2-3 units) in the hyper active muscle under the eye.
  2. Fillers in the tear trough under the muscle.
  3. A combination of the two.

Again, your eyes look a little tricky so be prepared to do a little experimentation. 

Good luck in your search for information!

David C. Mabrie, MD
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