Do I Have Under Eye-bags or Sunken Cheeks?

i'm desperately looking for under eye-bags-treatments but i think the best treatment is the consequence of a good diagnosis and i am not sure whether i really have under-eye bags or if i can see now the swell that i always had because my cheeks have sunken. I am 29 years-old and i don't have any wrinkles yet. Please, i need your opinion. Thanks in advance!

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Lower Lid Bags OR...

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Regarding: "..not sure whether i really have under-eye bags or cheeks have sunken"

The answer is BOTH.

Normal aging is associated with downward sagging of the cheeks resulting in:
- a taller lower lid
- unveiling of the inferior rim of the orbit creating the Tear Trough line
- pulling out the fat under the eyeball resulting in bagginess of the lower lid.


1. Simplest - fill the Tear Trough depression with Juvederm. This will make the line much smoother or go away.

2.  More involved - Laser resurfacing of the lower lid with a fractional device such as the SCITON Joule ProFractional capacity. This will tighten the lower lid skin and can be later further improved by placing Restylane along the fold smoothing it.

3. More involved - Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty removing the prominent fat bags with or without laser resurfacing of the front skin or placement of Restylane

4. Most involved - Vertical mid-face lift, lifting the sagging cheek to its youthful position with a Skin Pinch removal of the extra lower lid skin.

Good Luck.

Dr. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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