Eye area swollen up badly & suddenly on blowing my nose after hit by door?

Day before yesterday I got hit by door in eye area, it swelled up a little and was paining. Then i slept for 3 hours, i went to basin, blew my nose, suddenly my affected eyelid got swelled, i m not able to open that eye. That day i applied warm cloth, and yesterday went to doctor, he gave me "Zanocin eyedrop" & "tears plus eyedrop" (both 4 times a day),10 tablet "limcee" (1 day each) and 6 5mg tablet, "tas bidanzen"(2 each day, it is for loosening blood at eyelid ). today no improvement. help

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Eye area swollen up badly & suddenly on blowing my nose after hit by door?

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There is likely a fracture in your nose, cheek or eye socket that has allowed air to pass from your nose/ sinuses into your eyelid. That is almost certain. The question is how severe the fracture is and if anything will need to be done. If it's a small fracture, it and the surrounding soft tissue will heal and this problem should not recur once you've healed. If it's a large fracture or if the bones are shifted, you might require repair. I'd recommend seeing a facial trauma specialist to determine what has happened. An ENT or Facial Plastic Surgeon is usually a good place to start but anyone who repairs alot of broken facial bones should be able to determine exactly what is going on. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Orbital fracture

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There's a good chance you have fractured eye socket. When the floor of the eye socket is broken, air can be forced into the socket from the sinus, which is beneath it. I'd see an oculoplastic surgeon in your area, or at the very least an ophthalmologist. You may need a CT scan to determine the extent of the fracture and if it needs to be fixed or can just be watched.

Matheson A. Harris, MD
Salt Lake City Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Medial Orbital Wall Fracture

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Your clinical history suggests that your facial trauma has caused a nasal fracture. it's important to understand that the medial orbital wall is also the lateral nasal wall. When nasal fractures occur in this area, the nasal cavity can become connected to the soft tissue around the eye. Blowing your nose can force air into the soft tissue around your eye creating the swelling that you describe. This is known as sub-cutaneous emphysema.

Under these circumstances, it's important to evaluate the peri-orbital region radiographically. Once this area has been evaluated, an appropriate treatment plan can be formulated. In the vast majority of cases, surgical treatment of isolated medial orbital wall fractures isn't indicated. In the short term, it's appropriate to start antibiotics and avoid blowing your nose. It's appropriate to maintain close contact with your plastic surgeon until the fracture has totally healed.

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