Opinions on Extended MACS Facelift?

I am thinking of having an Extended MACS Facelift operation in August in Belgium with the inventors of this method. Can I ask your honest opinion about this kind of facelift? Thanks so much in advance!

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MACS facelift is a good choice

I also feel that the MACS lift gives great results through smaller incisions and with less recovery. The procedure is a "mini-lift" with maximal resuts. It is my lifting technique of choice (I perform ~two per week). It is done under local anesthesia with "light sleep" which avoids the recovery and potential side effects of both general anesthesia and intravenous sedation. I also perform their temple lift as my treatment of choice for brow ptosis. Tonnard and Verpaele have really contributed to the medical literature with thier efforts.

Best of luck.

Westborough Facial Plastic Surgeon
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About Facelift Surgery

A #facelift is a surgical procedure designed to remove the major folds and wrinkles that form on our faces with age. Gravity, sun damage, smoking, living in a dry climate, and a variety of factors contribute to the aging process of our faces. Facelift techniques vary from patient to patient to give each person a procedure tailored to produce the best possible surgical result. A facelift will smooth out major folds and #wrinkles, #tighten the tissues beneath your skin, remove #sagging and excess skin. A facelift can also reduce excess skin around the #neck and #jawline. 

There is not just one facelift procedure, but a whole range of facelift procedures. These different techniques have been developed over the years, involving different incisions and lifting the skin to varying degrees. A facelift may also involve the tightening of certain muscles and tissues, or liposuction of areas such as the jowls or chin.
It is important to understand that facelifts are meant to remove major folds and wrinkles, not fine wrinkles. A facelift which removes every line and fold would be too aggressive and would result in an unnatural result. Fine lines and wrinkles are better addressed by skin treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion, which we also offer at our office.

Incisions vary depending upon whether the patient is male or female, the hairstyles, hairline, age, previous surgery, and other factors. Generally, the #incision starts in the temple, in front or within the hairline. It continues in front of the ear, sometimes partially hidden within the ear. It then goes under the earlobe, behind the ear fold, and ends within the hairline or at the hairline behind the ear. The newer, shorter scar #techniques, which do not include scars in or by the hairline, can be used for most patients. Frequently another small and hidden incision is made under the chin in a natural skin fold. This allows fat removal and tightening of the platysma muscle in the neck if required.

During your #consultation, your skin texture and elasticity, as well as your underlying skin structure and your facial bone structure will be evaluated. Based on this evaluation, your board certified plastic surgeons will create a custom surgical plan, detailing specific techniques and recommendations to meet your goals. In doing so, he or she should be sure to have a full understanding of what results you expect. If you are not a #candidate, your surgeon can make other suggestions to address your concerns and objectives.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Opinions on Extended Macslifts

Hello!! The Macslift is my favorite plastic surgery procedure. You can see the results from day one and the results are natural and take at least 10 years off the face. It basically refreshes the tired sad face that the years bring. I personally incorporate the neck into the procedure otherwise the results will not be complete. When a patient needs an extended Macslift, it means they have alot more skin that needs to be addressed and the incision can extend futher behind the ear and a little higher into the hairline. So my version of the Macslift includes the midface and neck. My patients are happy with their results because it achieves a fresh, rejuvenated look.

Alfonso Gonzalez Cepeda, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Extended MACS facelifts

The extended MACS facelift is a vertical-type facelift. This does not address lax neck skin adequately nor does it target subplatysmal or supraplatysmal fat or neck platysmal bands.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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 Once again, it is not the technique but the specific surgeon which is important. You should be asking what you want, what you need, and what are your alternatives, including but not limited to the MACS facelift.  Investigate your choices, so you can make an educated decision. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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MACS facelift.


This is a popular facelift technique although I don't do it.  The published results are variable and there seem to be quite a few revisions.  These surgeons are very reputable.  I would just advise getting more than one consultation.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Great technique!


I have to say that I like the technique alot. My patient satisfaction rate after a MACS-Lift is better than other plication lifts that I perform. I have performed many more of them as a consequence. Your surgeons show excellent and long-lasting results when they show their results at meetings I attend. You should go confidently to them and treasure the results they will give you.

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

Manish H. Shah, MD, FACS
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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MACS facelift is an excellent procedure

I agree with Dr. Joseph -- it is an elegant procedure when performed on the anatomically appropriate patients.

I saw Dr. Tonnard speak at a conference in June and he was very good -- spoke as an objective Physician and not as a business man or self-promoter. Has always been very open about the technical advantages and disadvantages of the extended MACS.

Good Luck to you!

Kamran Jafri, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Yes, the MACS lift is an excellent technique

The MACS lift is an excellent technique. This is my facelift technique of choice. the Belgian surgeon have a lot of experience since they developed the technique. My only concern with the extended MACS is that patients have a lot more swelling and this may be bother some to you.

Hopefully you will discuss this with your doctor before, so you know what to expect.

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
Grand Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Tonnard and Verpaele from Belgium are the most experienced at MACS-Lifting.

You're going to the place where MACS-Lifting was conceived. They have a wealth of experience, and appear to be top notch surgeons. It's my face lift of choice these days. I think you'll be in the best of hands.

Best of luck, and I'd love to learn about your experience in Belgium. Please write a review when you're recovered.

Best regards.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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