Can Someone Explain Proper Icing Technique Follwing Tip Plasty?

I am four days post op. Whole face still swollen but majority of swelling is on whole nose (top and tip). Do I keep applying ice packs across nose 20min per hour or am I supposed to do less? Surgeon just says to ice it, but I need more specific instructions to help top of nose swelling to go down. There is no nostril creases or definition at all right now due to swelling.

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How long to ice?

You can still ice. I recomend putting crushed ice in a dispoable glove. let the ice get into the fingers of the glove. Drape the glove over the yop of your nose so that the fingers drop down on either side of your nose and the weight of the "hand" part of the glove is on your forehaed between your eyes (so it's not putting too much weight directly on your nose).Keep it on until it either melts or it bothers you. You really can't ice too much. Just don't put the ie directly against your skin as you don't want to get a "freezer burn". Check with your surgeon.

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Ice 5 days after tip rhinoplasty is probably no longer helpful.

I hope that you have been keeping you head above heart level full-time since surgery (a sofa cushion beneath your mattress is best), as swelling is best treated by gravity rather than ice. Beyond the first couple of days or so, ice may actually inhibit proper healing and swelling resolution, so I would stop icing now and keep the activity levels low and your head elevated.

I recommend head above heart level for a total of 3 weeks minimum after any kind of facial surgery, a bag of frozen peas over a dry cloth (to avoid frostbite of the skin) on for about 20-30 minutes, then off for a similar length of time, for just the first few days. At night, it's just about impossible to keep an ice bag in place, so elevation is the key!

When in doubt, ask your surgeon for his or her routine--these are just my own guidelines! Good luck!

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Can Someone Explain Proper Icing Technique Follwing Tip Plasty?

You should call and ask your Rhinoplasty Surgeon for specific post op instructions during the early post Rhinoplasty phase.

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Ice after tip rhinoplasty

I am not a fan of ice after rhinoplasty but I do place an external splint over tape for all cases for about a week. This protects the nose as well as holds external pressure to help prevent swelling. Unclear if you have this on or not. I also use SinEcch (homeopathic Arnica Montana) as this has been shown in studies to help decrease bruising and swelling. Agree, you must keep your head elevated and avoid any strenuous activities for several weeks. Swelling and bruising is to be expected after any trauma and surgery is controlled trauma. Be patient and this should resolve with time.

Von Graham, MD
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Call your doctor

Question such as this are best answered by the physician you paid to do the surgery. Their charges usually include all of the post op instructions and care. When in doubt, ask them.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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