Experiencing some minor shifting. Last aligner okay to use if retainer is worn out?

So I've been done with invisalign for about a year and I have noticed minor shifting back in my top front teeth which I use a thick plastic retainer which I received after treatment. However I have grinded holes in the retainer and it no longer feels as tight. I have an appointment to egg a new one in Monday, but I was wondering if I should wear my last invisalign aligner (which still fits) 24/7 until Monday or should I continue to just sleep in the thick plastic one that I am replacing?

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Worn out Invisalign retainer...what to do?

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Hello there,
I would definitely recommend that you wear your last clear aligner. Your retainer is just a more durable, thicker, version of that same last aligner, so it is totally fine.  Because aligners and clear retainers are made from a relatively thin polymer, they can loose their structural integrity with the slightest hole, break or tear in the material.  This gives them less plasticity and more elasticity, which ultimately makes them unable to contain the minor movements of your teeth.  I'm glad you're seeing your doctor very soon and it's a good idea to discuss your grinding issues with him, as well.  I hope this answers your question and don't hesitate to ask me more.  
Good luck.

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