Will the permanent teeth feel more real than the temporary teeth?

I had all my upper teeth removed 4 weeks ago and 6 titanium screws fitted with a temporary teeth plate fitted and 5 days ago I had all my bottom teeth removed, 4 screw things and the temporary teeth fitted. It was done in 2 separate appointments because I still had all my own teeth apart from 2 and it would have been to much for me to deal with all in 1 appointment. The gum part on the inside of my temporary teeth feels very bulky. Will the permanent teeth feel less bulky.

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Permanent Teeth on Dental Implants

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You seem to have undergone full mouth implant rehabilitation. I assure you the permanent teeth usually feel a lot better that the temporary ones which are made from acrylic. The permanent ones are mostly all ceramic or porcelain fused to metal, which gives them a much better finish and feel in the mouth.

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Final restorations feel better than prototypes

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While temporary prototypes are better than nothing, they aren't as good as the permanent restoration. However, nothing is identical to "the real thing" so there will be some adapting to do. 

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