Will two implants secure an upper overdenture?

I only have enough bone for two implants in my upper jaw. I am concerned that I will spend the money for the implant and they won't be secure. Will two implants be more secure then using denture adhesives with my current denture?

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2 Implants to stabilize an upper denture

With an upper denture, 2 implants will help stabilize it, but to provide full support, 4 implants are required.  Bone grafting could be a possible way for you to obtain more bone for a couple more implants.  An oral surgeon can evaluate your situation with a CT scan and explain your options.

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Two are not enough for an upper denture

On a lower denture, two implants can stabilize.  When it comes to stabilizing an upper denture a minimum of four implants are necessary.

Two Implants for Upper Jaw

Two implants in the upper jaw is not enough.  The bone in the upper jaw is less dense than the lower and needs more support.

Even if you have been told you do not have enough bone for more implants, we often find using our in office 3d scan that there is room when using angled implants such as the all on four.

If there simply is not enough bone then bone can be added so that you can have permanent upper teeth in place or Zygo Implants can be placed that use bone in a different location. Bottom line there is a way to place 4 implants to give you the stability you need.

First step if to have a 3d scan to make sure where the bone is then go from there.

Tim Huckabee, DDS
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2 dental implants stabilize dentures

2 implants will stabilize (but not SUPPORT) an upper denture. It WILL be much better than adhesive, but not nearly as good as 2 MORE implants and a Deutsch Removable Bridge. Bone volume may be limited right now, but there are many methods to augment bone. 

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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Two implants

It could as they do in the lower jaw. But a maxillofacial surgeon can rebuild your bone to receive 6 implants and get a bridge.

Majid Jamali, DMD
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