I am not happy with a recent lip lift as I feel not enough skin was cut. What can you suggest? (photos)

My upper teeth still dont show and due to a previous jaw operation i show too much lower teeth as I have nerve damage, I would like to show more upper teeth but the surgeon said that was enough. What can you suggest please

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Lip Lift With Lack Of Upper Tooth Show

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Your lip lift shows a natural and not overdone result which is a wise approach in this type of surgery. Many irreversible lip lift problems occur when too much skin is initially taken. While a conservative approach may initially lead to an 'underdone' result in some patients, it is far easier to repeat the lip lift later than trying to correct an overdone one. It is also possible that no amount of lip lifting can create tooth show without an over pulled look. In these cases a horizontal upper lip mucosal resection may be needed to achieve more tooth show without distorting the upper lip. 

Unhappy with Lip Lift

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The goal in most lip lifting is to have a small amount of the upper teeth show when the lips are slightly parted. It may be that the surgeon was a little conservative. Several consultations with other surgeons should be able to determine if another surgery would be in your best interests. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

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