Detaching oribilaris Occulli ligament with cannula to smooth eye bags?

I had Voluma for cheeks and eye bags which worked great on cheeks but left me with a bag of fluid under eyes. Had it dissolved yesterday and Dr said when healed he could do a procedure which basically detached/loosened the ligament that creates a line from eye to cheek (I think its Orbilaris Occulli from googling) with a canula which would smooth the tear trough line. I can't seem to find much at all about this procedure. Is it something you do and what are the risks/benefits?

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Detaching arcus marginalis to smooth tear trough

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yes, this can be done minimally invasively, but frankly why? This is usually the first step in a lower blepharoplasty which would create an incision, but it heals so well, that I've never had anyone complain about it. Using cannulas or even needles, this would be done blindly. The eyelids are so vascular with people having all kinds of aberrant vessels, I would much rather have this done under direct vision. If the needle hits a vessel, the bruising and swelling that you would have to endure could take months to diminish. 

Cannula for Detaching Ligaments

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cannulas are blunt and have very little ability to fully detach anything. I would be highly suspicious.  This should be done by a highly trained oculoplastic surgeon if that is truly what you need.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Can help

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Subcision to the orbital-malar ligament can help smooth the transition between the groove and the more edematous lower lateral eyelid area.Have a small experience in perhaps five and it helps some or minimal.  I used sharp, not blunt release of the ligament with a needle.No downside so far other than bruising and recovery.  Some filler can also be placed into the released groove to provide spacing.  Had long term success in my first patient using this combo.  Overall, it has been positive.  Have recently combined it with small micro-liposuction of the bulging area.Best wishes,Dr. Denkler

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