Asymmetry & lumpiness created by voluma? (Photos)

i had 2 ml voluma injected sublabially and on under left zygomatic arch, and buccal hollow. After 10 hyaluronidase treatments that is all i achieved. from day one if i lie down i increase in volume where voluma was injected then it goes back to "normal overfill." the filler is still there. how many more treatments do i need to remove this completely?

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Thank you for your question. I suggest that you move forward with a consultation with the surgeon that has performed these procedures. You will learn more about your procedural results and how to meet your desires. The in-person examination is the best format for further understanding your needs and the best route to achieve your needs. Also, it never hurts to have a second opinion during an in-person consultation. Please always consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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Asymmetry and lumpiness created by Voluma?

Thank you for your question and photograph.  It appears that your first and third photographs are similar if not identical in demonstrating your appearance so any filler remaining must only be palpable.  I would talk to your injector about the location of any remaining filler to see if additional hyaluronidase can be injected to enact a change. Best wishes 

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