Voluma vs fat grafting/transfer

I am going to be having some cosmetic work done. (mini lift) The MD advised Voluma gives a better result than fat grafting. I was looking for a procedure that would have more lasting results for fuller cheeks. Any advice? I hate being a 'slave' to these fillers. Thank you

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Voluma vs Fat Grafting

I stopped doing fat grafting about ten years ago which was about the time that the first truly effective and long-lasting filler (Restylane) was approved in the U.S.  Since that time, there have been a number of newer fillers introduced, including Voluma.  We now have the ability to take a filler off the shelf and inject not just lines and folds but the entire face for a global rejuvenating and lifting effect.  Results can last two years or more.  For most patients, fillers are definitely the way to go.  

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Voluma vs Fat Grafting

Voluma can provide long lasting results - sometimes as much as two years depending on how much product is injected.  Sculptra is another choice which definitely lasts two or more years.  Fat grafting has its share of complications and is a much more invasive procedure.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

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Voluma VS Fat Grafting


Using fat grafting is certainly more cost effective and longer lasting than HA filler. Because the survival of the fat graft is variable minor touch ups may be required to correct asymmetry, though this is not usually the case.

Long term fat grafting is advantageous because of the transfer of stem cells contained in the graft also have a rejuvenating effect.

No matter what your choice I am sure you will be delighted with your results.

Best Wishes

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I work extensively with Voluma (it is my most popular filler among my patients) and often will perform autologous fat transfer with my lifting procedures using the Puregraft system.

Fat transfer has traditionally been advantageous because of the large volumes that can be injected, along with the durability of fat. 

That said, many of the fillers, such as Voluma, are lasting longer and being used in the midface.  The results of fillers tend to be a bit more predictable than fat transfer.  Oftentimes, I will "stack" procedures -- meaning that I will perform fat transfer as a foundation following by small quantities of fillers to finish things off.

I typically only use Voluma in the cheek and midface, which also may limit its use during a lifting procedure.

It is really dependent on your doctor and your preferences. 

Best of luck!

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Fat grafting vs. Voluma

While fat grafting will give you more permanent results than fillers, it is not as easy to control and predict the outcome.  Fillers can be placed where you want them and it's easy for the patient to come in to get touch ups that are relatively quick and painless.  Fat grafting is much more involved.  Now with products such as Voluma available, the filler treatment can last up to two years!  
If you are truly more interested in grafting, I would consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience in fat grafting to the face.
Good luck!

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Voluma Versus Fat Grafting

I tell people if you are doing a procedure and you have a good fat grafting surgeon who does gentle extraction using water and adds PRP, you should do the fat grafting and wait 6-12 weeks to do a touch up (if needed) with fillers like volumae, lyft, radiesse.  Always do sculptra as your foundation to continue collagen stimulation.  Lasers during your face lift with even further enhance the lifting and improve complexion/tone of your face.  I suggest you see someone who offers a full treatment plan for the best results.  Dr. Emer.

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Voluma VS Fat Injections

That is a philosophy that changes from surgeon to surgeon. I can achieve more predictable results with fillers such as Voluma. Fat injections are unpredictable and are difficulty to correct if are not placed properly. As well as if they do survive are permanent. If you gain weight you will gain it in the fat injected as well. Facial features change every decade or so, so the fat may not complement those changes. But some prefer that.

Hope that helps.

Good luck

Voluma vs Fat Transfer

Great Question! I agree with your surgeon that Voluma is a better choice than fat transfer. Voluma (injected properly) will give you an excellent and reliable result and if you don't like the way it looks it can be dissolved (although that is rarely needed- at least you have that option if you need it). Fat transfer sounds like a more permanent solution, but it really isn't. Most people notice the fat eventually dies and you will still need fillers to maintain your look. Fat transfer is two procedures- Lipo from one area and then the injections; so you have to heal from both areas. Also, many people who are the most volume deficient have very poor reservoirs of fat to harvest from; not all of the fat survives and the result is not always predictable.  With fat transfer, if you don't like the result- there is no way to change it until the fat dies- and that is different for everyone- and not all of the fat dies.
I know many people want a more permanent solution for their cosmetic needs, but we continue to change as we age; We lose about 5cc of volume in our faces each year; a combination of fat and bone. So much like your hair continues to grow, your face changes.  It is best to consider fillers and other cosmetic procedures as maintenance, much as you do your hair- you don't get a permanent hair cut or color.

Finally; Voluma has an FDA indication for upto 2 years.  In the trial the treated patients were injected with an average of 6 syringes of Voluma to achieve "full correction" and then followed monthly until they looked like their pre-inection photos.  At 18 months the FDA asked for the study to be extended because many people still had not reached baseline. This means that Voluma really does have more "lasting" results then other HA fillers ( juvederm or restylane). 

I hope this helps!
Dr. Erickson

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