Gaining weight after fat transfer?

If i had fat transfer from my legs to my brests will i gain weight from my legs again after several years and lose the volume from my breasts? And if i generaly gain weight after surgery will i gain in my legs again

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Weight gain after fat grafting surgery and liposuction

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If you gain weight after liposuction/fat transfer, you will gain weight everywhere. Because there are now more fat cells in areas that are fat grafted, there is a theoretical risk that these areas will gain weight a bit more disproportionately than other areas that have had liposuction, but this is just theoretical and I have not seen it actually happen yet in a patient of mine. 

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Fat transfers and weight gain

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Thank you for your question! Plastic surgery does not change the physiology of your body. So, in other words, it will not change how YOUR body responds to weight gain or loss.If you typically gain in your legs, you will continue to gain there. Having a healthy diet and getting 30 minutes of exercise 3-4 times per week should help to maintain your weight and enjoy your surgical results for many years. Best wishes!

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