Does Tummy Tuck Affect Life Span?

I would like to have a mommy makeover. I am worry about the risks of having the tummy tuck procedure. Lets just assume that the outcome of the tummy tuck was a success without any complications. I am just wondering how the tummy tuck will effect my body as I age. Will the procedure shorten my life span?

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Tummy Tuck and Lifespan

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An uncomplicated tummy tuck will not shorten your life, but I have many patients who find their life more enjoyable after their tummy tuck.

The tummy tuck tightens the skin and muscle fascia of the abdomen, and can remove excess fat to improve then contours of the belly. The procedure does not lengthen or shorten ones lifespan.

There are risks with any procedure, and they should be discussed before surgery as part of your consultation. Informed consent is paramount to making a good decision. To minimize the risks, it is important to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, who operates in an Accredited Surgical Facility with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist. The majority of tummy tucks have no complications. Once healed, your life continues normally, with less of a bulge.

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A Tummy Tuck Will Not Shorten Your Lifespan

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A tummy tuck and breast enlargement will not affect your lifespan. It most likely will significantly improve your quality of life however.

Tummy tuck changes your life

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This is an interesting concern.  I have had a number of patients that I have performed mommy makeovers who have been concerned about this issue.  In short, the answer to the question is NO!  Life span is not at all hindered by this type of surgery.  A patient's overall pre-surgical health is important determining factor in determining whether a patient is good candidate for this procedure.  I recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle before and after the surgery.  It is my hope that mommy makeover surgeries will enhance a patient's lifestyle and restore the body to pre-pregnancy shape.

A tummy tuck is a serious operation but will not affect the length of your life.

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I consider abdominoplasty one of the most physiologically significant cosmetic operations.  The risks are significant and the convalescence significant as well.  Nevertheless, in a properly selected and prepared patients, the results are usually worth the investment.  Once recovered from the operation, it will not affect the length of your life.

Tummy Tuck helps promote a healthy and hopefully long life

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The tummy tuck will not have any adverse affecton you health or life span.   In fact the tummy tuck with muscle repair will A tummy tuck must remove all exceemake exercise easier, more productive, and nore fun.  Many patients experience a relief of back pain and stress after a tummy tuck with a complete muscle repair.   The muscle repair is so critical in establishing a flat functioning tummy.  A tummy tuck must remove all excess skin, the belly button must be repositioned and look natural and vertical and small which means youthful.   The incision must be kept as low as possible, as short as possible, and as a thin line that defies detection.  There must be no stitch makes any where....including the belly button.  The waist must be smaller.  Often a little liposuction of the flanks or upper flap also helps for the most perfect result.   So it really all adds up to a great operation that opens the door to better health, more fun exercising, and living with a comfortable back.   My Best.

Tummy Tuck

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As long as you maintain a healthy body weight and do not fluctuate more than 20lbs, the results will last a lifetime and will not affect your life span.

Tummy tuck

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A tummy tuck will not shorten your life span by any means!!   It will make your quality of life better and more enjoyable!!

Thomas T. Nguyen, MD
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Tummy tuck impact on lifespan

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No!  A tummy tuck should not affect your lifespan in any way!  That said, it willl likely improve the quality of your life! 

Tummy tuck has no impact on life span

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Having undergone a tummy tuck should have no impact on your life expectancy - though you should look a lot better for many years as a result of the procedure. The risk of loss of life resulting directly from the procedure is very small when performed by well trained plastic surgeons in a certified facility.

Does Tummy tuck surgery affect your life span?

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Plastic surgery  improves the quality of your life in that you will feel better about yourself  and this will have an impact on your interactions with others. Tummy tucks as a whole, do not adversely affect  someones lifespan. 

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