Blurred Vision After Tummy Tuck

just had a tummy tuck and breast lift/implant. Started noticing blurred vision when reading close up. i had perfect vision prior to surgery and even the day of the surgery. should i be concerned? is it caused by meds? thank you

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Blurred Vision after Tummy Tuck

Opthalmic neuritis can occur after liposuction and other procedures.  There are  reports of this in the literature.  You need to see an opthalmologist for evaluation.  This is a problem that would need treatment.  See you eye doctor and notify your surgeon.  My Best.   Dr Commons

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Blurred vision on close-up following a tummy tuck

A change of vision can represent a significant issue or a very minor one. You did not mention if there were any changes for distance, blurriness, spots, etc. Was your eyesight OK the night following your surgery? The minor issues can represent the consequences of the methods to protect your eyes during surgery. These can have a temporary effect on vision by affecting the tear film.

Without knowing for sure, I would contact your plastic surgeon immediately and discuss your visual issues. You may need an immediate evaluation such as by an opthalmologist.

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Blurred Vision After Tummy Tuck

This is a medical emergency if you are having changes in vision. Call your surgeon and seek eye care. ASAP! From MIAMI 

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